Alcohol sold to 18+ only.


With over 17 years experience as a marketing agency owner, I often needed to send gifts to my clients, my suppliers and my team members.

I needed an easy solution that looked fantastic, included superior products, a gift that ‘made sense’ when put together… that I could rely on getting the WOW factor when delivered.

I could never find this, so our agency ended up creating our own gifts as needed. At Christmas time, we would hand deliver a Champagne Breakfast Gift Box which included Champagne, fresh salmon, capers, cream cheese, limes and fresh croissants. If they had children, we would pop in some chocolates, biscuits or chocolate fish for them to enjoy. At Easter, we would deliver fresh hot cross buns with beautiful chocolate eggs, all boxed beautifully.

It certainly wasn’t an easy task, but it did deliver the WOW factor, every time!

Michilla is modeled on giving customers that WOW moment when delivered. It’s about making gift giving easy, delivering a statement of pure indulgence, and giving you the confidence that the giftee will be impressed.

Our product selection is thoughtful, our alcohol selection is top class.

Indulge in the Sublime. We know you will be impressed.


Michelle Brown

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