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NZ Collection - Oil Burner Relaxation

A perfect way to relax with this ceramic oil burner, soy melts and chocolate selection. The New Zealand made soy melts are hand poured and infused generously with fragrance and essential oil blends, to release up to 30 hours of aroma.  Sit back and enjoy the Patagonia Comfits White Macadamias and the superb log of Hogarth Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. 

Choose 1 of 3 beautiful 6 pack Soy Melt fragrances:

  • Champagne & Cassis: Fruity Scent
  • Pinot Noir: Fruity Scent
  • White Lily: Floral / Oriental Scent

Patagonia Comfits White Macadamia Nuts 75g (x1)
Living Light White Ceramic Oil Burner (x1)
Living Light Soy Melt 6 Pack (Champagne & Cassis, Pinot Noir or White Lily) (x1)
Standard Tealights (x2)
Hogarth Chocolate Log (x1)

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